Date: September 30, 2013

Governance and Structure Review Update #3

Several members of the Golf Tasmania (GT) Board and the General Manager, Craig French, met with Ian Fullagar, Lander & Rogers (L&R), on Wednesday 11 September 2013 to discuss the work to be undertaken to review GT s governance and Constitution. It was agreed L&R would prepare a list of questions to guide consultation with our members (on the items outlined in Update #2). L&R will offer opportunities for face-to-face consultation with members throughout the State and where possible, would offer these opportunities aligned to already planned club or area meetings. GT agreed to seek information on suitable dates/locations and forward them to L&R as soon as possible. L&R requested copies of each of the area bodies Constitutions to be forwarded to enable a check for alignment or discord with the GT Constitution. Richard Redman, L&R attended the Golf Tasmania North session at Scamander on 8 September and will confirm other dates as soon as possible. At this stage it is proposed sessions will be held: South Tuesday 8 October New Town Bay Golf Club 6:30pm – 8:30pm Monday 21 October Tasmania Golf Club 6:30pm – 8:30pm North Wednesday 9 October Riverside GC 7:00pm (Directly following the GTN AGM) North West Friday 18 October Seabrook Golf Club 11:00am (Directly following the WGTNW AGM) Sunday 20 October Devonport Golf Club 3:00pm – 5:00pm Additional opportunities for people to have direct input will also be available either by mail or electronically. The finalised list of questions will be posted on the GT website The review provides the opportunity for all to have input into shaping our sport. Please contact Craig French in the GT office during working hours if you wish to discuss the review or if you have any questions. Regards Helen Langenberg CHAIR