Date: June 14, 2017
Author: Golf Australia

Governance Fundamentals � Your e-learning course is here!

For too long a cost effective and accessible governance course has not been available for golf club boards and managers. Governance Fundamentals is an e-learning module designed by Golf Australia specifically for golf club board members, GM’s and senior managers with real-life examples of common governance challenges.

Course participants will receive a greater understanding of:

·         The clear roles, authority and accountability of the board & GM

·         Board legal duties

·         The importance of policy in guiding your club and you as GM!

·         What it is that GMs should report to their board

·         Skills and personal characteristics of board members

·         Micromanaging

·         Board succession planning, induction and evaluation

This course empowers boards to act with a future focus and for managers to be more dynamic leaders of their teams.

$49.50 per module to register

Less than one hour to complete.
Registration remains live for 90 days.
Includes: videos by Malcolm Speed AO, quizzes, assessment tasks and useful resources.
Certificate of completion issued.

To register go to: enter the E-Learning Modules tab.
For questions or more information: please email