Date: October 25, 2018
Author: Justin Falconer

Grant drains two aces in seven holes

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He had to wait until January last year for his first career hole-in-one, but Melbourne’s Jim Grant only needed two hours to record his second and third aces in a crazy day at Green Acres.

Grant, a member at Green Acres in Kew, was playing in Wednesday’s club comp and after starting his round on the 10th, the 17-handicapper made a one on the 130-metre 11th in the perfect start to an incredible round.

“It was just a beautiful shot, dropped softly and just kept rolling straight in,” Grant told 3AW on Thursday.

“I saw it running towards the hole and thought it would be close and then the guys started jumping up and down for joy and turned around to see the ball had disappeared, which was a bit of fun.”

Five holes later, Grant’s group stepped up to the par-3 17th tee and with about 165 metres to the pin, Grant reached for his 5-iron.

“I stood up to address the ball and I said to the guys ‘jeez, what are the chances of hitting a second hole-in-one?’” said Grant.

“I was pretty sure it rolled in but we all started going into denial.

“The other guys were getting ready to play their shots and I walked on to the green and took my putter just in case.

“I looked around, couldn’t see the ball, walked to the hole and there it was!”

Despite odds of double aces coming in at roughly 67 million, Grant's playing partners weren't discounting the possibility of an unthinkable third hole-in-one for the day.

“The guys were video taping me on the subsequent two par-3 holes just in case!” said Grant.

The two five-pointers lifted Grant to a grand total of 36 points for the day, perhaps the ultimate example of the scorecard not telling the whole story.

Though not in the same round, Bunbury Golf Club's Lesley Malcolm made hole-in-one headlines of her own in March this year when she recorded two aces in the same week.

The 81-year-old knocked in her first ace in a 38-year career on the golf course, before repeating the achievement four days later.

Last January at Rosebud Country Club, three aces were recorded on the same hole in the same competition when Jan Brown, Narelle Colahan and Suzanne Lynch all holed out for one on the South Course's 14th hole.