Date: June 04, 2012

Grant Report – Allenby to Push Through Drought

Evergreen Victorian Robert Allenby has admitted he is battling personal problems which have dragged his form to its lowest point in more than a decade.

The prolific global winner has plummeted to World No 80 and is in danger of slipping out of striking range on the US PGA Tour.

While he has not won a tournament in America in since 2001, Allenby has come close in the past few years, always recording a clutch of top 10 finishes.

But he readily admits he is drifting south of the pace and lacks the motivation needed to haul his career back on track.

Robert Allenby admits he’s been lacking motivation at a time his golf career needs to be hauled back on track.

"I’ve, been feeling poor to be honest," Allenby said in a revealing interview with AAP.

"I am working hard but I just haven’t been motivated.

"I haven’t been in a good place mentally and this game is very hard when that is the case.

"I am trying to push through it and be gentle on myself at the same time, which can be hard because I expect high standards of myself.

"Right now I’m not at peace with myself for personal reasons which I won’t go into but I need to find a way to be happy on the golf course.

"I have been searching for something and hopefully I can find it this week."

Allenby was 83rd on the 2012 US tour money list heading into the Memorial tournament in Ohio but that was due alone to his one 2012  top-10 finish – a playoff loss in a secondary event in Mexico.

The cut off point for a player retaining his card for 2013 is around 125 but even if Allenby slips below this mark by season’s end he could use A one-off exemption due to his place on the all-time career money list. He is currently 19th.

Allenby says though that he is determined to play his way through his current trough.

"It’s a matter of persevering and getting through it," Allenby said.

"I am trying hard to stay positive and I know it just takes one good week to get things back.

"I have time on my side to turn things around and I know I can.

"I have been a little down emotionally but I’m ready to regroup and get back to where I was and I think I’m on the path there.

"I need to be patient and good stuff will happen. Who knows, maybe a good week here will be the catalyst I need."