Date: November 27, 2012

Grant Report – Ogilvy embarks on major overhaul

Victorian star Geoff Ogilvy has set out on a major overhaul of his game in a bid to squeeze the most out of his remaining competitive years.

The former US Open champion is struggling through a painful lack of success and has examined every aspect of his approach to golf.

Gone are after 13 years is caddy Alistair "Squirrel" Matheson who has been replaced by Australian Matthew "Bussy" Tritton.

And he admits to be inspired by the work of compatriot Adam Scott, who has had a stellar season, despite a British Open meltdown.

"I feel I’m at the point where I’m probably closer to the end of my career then the start," Ogilvy told AAP.

"There’s some stuff I want to achieve that I haven’t done yet and I don’t want to be looking back in five or six years thinking ‘what if?’.

"It’s not a complete reassessment but it is an acknowledgement that this won’t last forever and I need to get going now.  The last couple of years haven’t been great for me results-wise."

Scott has re-arranged his program to concentrate on the major tournaments and  has finished inside the top-15 in six of the last eight majors. Twice he was runner-up.

Ogilvy said he would go about his schedule "slightly differently."

"But the philosophy Adam has embraced about not achieving what he wanted to achieve and knuckling down to be as good as he can, is one I’m taking on, " Ogilvy said. "He set his whole life up in a way to help him reach his goals and has really stepped it up.

"I am definitely looking at that and seeing that if you really do step up your work rate and work on the things that you need to you can improve the path you’re on."

When Ogilvy lines up at The Lakes in Sydney on December 6 for the Australian Open, it will be two years since his last win.

He said he hoped the move to partner with new caddy Tritton would re-energise him

"It was just time for a change," Ogilvy said. "It had been 13 years and while it had been really good and he’s an amazing caddy I just think we were both kind of a little stale.

Like Ogilvy, Tritton is a member at Victoria Golf Club and they are long-time friends.

"To me it was just a really good fit," Tritton said.

"I know what his weaknesses are and feel I can help him overcome those and make his weaknesses strengths and get him to where he needs to be and belongs.

"There are guys on tour that are winners and guys that are not. Geoff is a proven winner and I am confident he will continue to win tournaments."

By: Robert Grant