Date: November 29, 2013
Author: Martin Blake at Royal Sydney

Green’s ace puts him in contention

Richard Green knocked a pure eight iron into the cup at the par-three sixth hole at Royal Sydney today and his first instinct was to look behind him. Often there is a car as a prize for aces in big tournaments, and Victorian Green is a petrol head from way back. Alas, not this time. “Nothing, unfortunately,&apos&apos was Green&aposs reply to a question from the media about treasures he had picked up for holes-in-one along the journey. “I had a quick glance to see if there was a car or something there, but no, unfortunately.&apos&apos With a left-to-right wind drifting in and 145 metres to the flag, the shot had suited Green&aposs eye. His soft draw landed three metres from the target and dropped in. “It was a flush golf shot. It&aposs nice to build a bit of confidence from hitting good shots again.&apos&apos Green, a 20-year veteran of the tour, has had three aces in competition, the most recent in San Francisco almost a decade ago. After a difficult 2013 season in Europe, a new set of Titleist clubs have done the trick for him this week; he carded a 66 yesterday to move on to the leaderboard. “I&aposve changed a few things. Changed my clubs, changed my driver, just about everything this week, and it&aposs just started to show some good signs again. I haven&apost hit shots like I have for the last two days for a long time, probably about three years.&apos&apos Royal Sydney is a personal favourite. “I love coming to Royal Sydney. It&aposs my favourite course up here. I&aposve done well before and it seems to fit my game, how far I hit the golf ball at least. I just like the feel of the place.&apos&apos The left-hander knows he has a lot of work ahead, with the likes of Adam Scott and Rory McIlroy in the running. “I&aposm certainly going to have to play the golf of my life to try and keep up with them,&apos&apos he said.