Date: July 26, 2012

GV partners with CCAV to provide Golf Clubs with free services

Golf Victoria is pleased to announce a major sponsorship with the Community Clubs Association of Victoria (CCAV). The partnership will deliver important support services on a range of different areas that are critical to the successful running of a golf club.

CCAV through its partnership with GV will deliver free of charge CCAV membership to all Victorian clubs with three staff members or less.

For larger clubs employing more than three staff, CCAV will offer competitive annual membership rates to join a number of other bigger golf clubs in Victoria who are already benefitting from a CCAV membership.

By now, all Victorian golf clubs will have received the GV/CCAV information booklet and application form via post. The document is also now available on the GV website, 

The Community Clubs Association of Victoria is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the wellbeing and development of not-for-profit clubs. Services provided to members include advice on compliance such as food safety/liquor licencing/RSA, OH & S advice, dispute resolution service, and access to club management tools in the member’s only section of their website plus more.

The free of charge “GV/CCAV” is a new membership category with policy being driven by member feedback and discussion via a range of advisory councils. As such, a special advisory council comprising of GV/CCAV golf clubs will be established to ensure that the assistance provided continues to be relevant, timely and of real use to individual golf clubs. The GV/CCAV advisory council will meet regularly to review the services provided by CCAV.

Simon Brookhouse, CEO, Golf Victoria was excited to announce this new service to golf clubs across the state and urged clubs to take full advantage of the opportunity.

“We’re very excited to have formed this unique partnership with CCAV who are already involved with a number of our clubs. It’s not an easy job to run a golf club and often staff, committees and volunteers that run their respective clubs can feel quite isolated when it comes to matters such as compliance. CCAV have a very knowledgeable and willing team with a wealth of experience in the industry, particularly sporting clubs and I’d encourage clubs to take advantage of this opportunity.

“CCAV are making a significant contribution to our sport by offering this new GV/CCAV membership category of their organisation and I look forward to our clubs being able to utilise all the services associated with the membership.

“Consultation is a core value of GV, and membership with CCAV will further enhance your club’s ability to make decisions in the best interests of your club and the game,” said Brookhouse.  

Any club that hasn’t received a GV/CCAV booklet with application form can download the PDF version here or from the clubs section on the website or contact the GV office on (03) 8545 6200.

More information on CCAV can be found on For all queries about this new initiative, please contact CCAV on (03) 9419 8505 or email