Date: February 20, 2015
Author: Golf Australia

Ha Na Jang – Friday transcript

Question: Amazing round today, six birdies in it. How well are you hitting the ball?

Answer: “I think it’s more than yesterday, it’s a little better today. I think it’s more simple thinking, only fairway and the green (inaudible).. so I’m feeling better today.”

Q: And of course at Royal Melbourne this year, you’re based in San Diego. What do you make of this course compared to the ones back home?

A: “I think this course is a very hard one. (inaudible) It’s very long. Number nine, it’s amazing the distance, driver and a three-iron the second shot. Nine is very difficult.

Q: So a difficult course, what’s the strategy this weekend? What’s the game plan?

A: “I think this week, top ten is better and then I think only very simple thinking, fairway and the green and two-putt and that’s it, no more thinking.”

Q: Happy with today’s round?

A: “Yeah very happy today but I made big misses three times with driver in the rough. Number nine, the big trouble is left side with driver, and then second shot distance, 200 something, it’s very long distance.”

Q: Tied for the lead. Do you like that?

A: “Yeah I like that.”

Q: What did she learn from having a four-shot lead after two rounds at the LPGA season-opening Coates Championship?

A: “Not easy question. She played very aggressively.”

Q: When you see your name next to Lydia Ko on the leaderboard, how does that manke you feel?

A: “Everything tournament the same thinking. The leader on the top ten, anything’s a very simple thinking, just my play, ‘ok Ha Na, you can do it’, and play, not thinking.”

Q: So you don’t think about Lydia?

A: “Yeah, I don’t think about it.”

Q: Just make pars all weekend, is that your plan?

A: “I think every hole’s a very difficult course this year so I think very simple, the fairway, on the green and the two-putt, every hole par, par, par. The chance that I think perfect, is the birdie chance and more focus birdie, I can do birdie, in the birdie.”

Q: So you just pick one or two holes to make birdie and the rest pars?

A: “Yeah.”