Date: January 10, 2015
Author: Kirk Nederpelt, Thurgoona Country Club Resort

Half your luck!

On Saturday the 10th of January, the signature par 3 16th-hole at Thurgoona Country Club Resort gave up a hole-in-one, not once, but twice.  The stingy 16th has only had five hole-in-ones in competition play in the past ten years but that didn’t stop Michael Lane (GA handicap of 4.3) from scoring his first hole-in-one and the first of the day. 

About an hour later, his success was matched by David Robb (GA handicap of 1.7) who put one in on the fly to complete the most unlikely scenario.  It’s David’s third hole-in-one since the start of 2014.  Congratulations to both players. 

Measuring 173m from the blue plates during the Monthly Medal round, the 16th is not exactly a pushover.  The double hole-in-one is made even more unlikely by the fact that there was a very small competition field due to inclement weather.

In fact, only 15 players had played the 16th hole by the time the two hole-in-ones had been scored. 

At the time of writing, Thurgoona Director of Golf Kirk Nederpelt was last seen heading to the 16th tee with a large basket of balls. 

For those looking for their first hole-in-one, consider this your invitation to head over to Thurgoona and get one while supplies last!