Date: May 31, 2011

Handicapping Announcements

Golf Australia has announced a range of information relating to the new Golf Australia Handicap System. These documents can be found below and also in the Handicapping News & Communication section by clicking here 31 MAY 2011 ANNOUNCEMENTS View the GA Communication dated 31 May 2011: Handicapping Announcement providing details of changes to the Best 10 of 20 Calculation Method APPENDIX A – Implementation Plan New GA Handicap System

31 MAY 2011 SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION Click Here to view the following document: Fine-tuning the Settings of the Australian Handicap System Choosing the Best Suite of Options . Click Here to view full technical details of the changes to the Best 10 of 20 handicap calculation method. These changes will come into effect on GOLF Link on 21 September 2011. OVERVIEW – SOFTWARE IMPLICATIONS RE MAJOR HANDICAP SYSTEM CHANGES The following document is provided for those interested in seeing an overview of the software processes & timelines required to bring into effect major changes to the Australian Handicap System. Overview – Software Implications re Major Handicap System Report Changes.