Date: March 06, 2009

Handicapping system changes

Since its formation in 2006, Golf Australia has been working to have in place unified methodologies for men’s and women’s handicapping and to strive to achieve regulations which provide for handicapping which is as equitable as possible. With a view to moving further towards this goal, Golf Australia is pleased to today announce changes to the following sections of the Australian Women’s Handicapping System AND Australian Men’sHandicapping System: Quantity of Score Cards to be submitted to Gain and Retain an Australian Handicap (NB the change regarding the retain regulation came into effect on 1 January 2009) Club Handicaps Guidelines re Determining Handicap for Player Returning to Handicap Golf After Not Submitting Score for Two Years or More Handicapping of Four-Ball Competitions Competitions of Between 9-17 Holes Golf Australia Q&A for Committees Incorporated into these changes are amendments to some GA handicapping support resource material. Except where noted, all amended regulations will come into effect on Wednesday 1 April 2009. The changes were formulated by the GA Handicapping & Course Rating Committee and have been ratified by the GA Board. The changes are all detailed in the documents below. Also included is a memo confirming that the GA Board has extended the Women’s CCR suspension period indefinitely. Please contact your State Association if you have any queries regarding these changes. Notice to Industry re 1 April 2009 Australian Handicapping System Changes Competitions of between 9-17 holes- GA Q&A Memo-clubs re: Extension of Women&aposs CCR Suspension period