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High Performance Skills Test

Description: The Approach-Iron Skill Test assesses the ability of a player to hit accurate approach shots to both short and longer range distances. Set Up: Straight line marked onto flat driving range from 0m to 175m using trundle wheel Flagsticks (large cones can be used) set up at 9 distances, each offset 1m left and right alternating of the target line (see diagram) Radar unit placed behind player to calculate scoring accuracy immediately following each shot. Feedback on outcome provided to player after each shot. Data inputted into scoring spreadsheetwhich calculates score for each shot/round Instructions: 2 x rounds of 27 shots performed (54 shots total) Round 1 Three consecutive shots played to randomly allocated distance (i.e. 125m). Following these shots, a second distance is randomly allocated (i.e. 75m), and three shots played until all 9 distances have been completed (27 shots total) Round 2 In the second round, shot selection is again randomly generated, however only one shot is played per distance consecutively (i.e. 1 x 125m, 1 x 75m etc). The process is repeated until all 27 shots (three per distance) have been performed. A maximum of 3 points is allocated to each shot performed (scoring system attached). >Download Printable Instructions for this Skills Test (PDF) Men&aposs Leaderboard (June 2012) Score out of 162. 1. Jarryd Felton (WA) 132 2. Anthony Murdaca (SA) 131.5 3. DJ Loypur (VIC) 125 4. Oliver Goss (WA) 124.5 5. Nathan Holman (VIC) 123 Women&aposs Leaderboard (June 2012) Score out of 162. 1. Ashley Ona (QLD) 122.5 2. Ashlee Dewhurst (TAS) 121.5 3. Julienne Soo (VIC) 118.5 4. Minjee Lee (WA) 116.5 5. Su Hyun Oh (VIC) 107.5