Date: June 17, 2015

High Performance Team

ts team of coaches and sports science support personnel.  Many are recognised as experts in their field and are also part of the Golf Australia national HP program.

The team are committed to developing our talented players to achieve their goals.  They have a coordinated and holistic approach to athlete development which has seen many of our elite amateur players winning both nationally and internationally.


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Marty Joyce

·         VIS Head Coach

·         GA National Coach

·         GV Mens State Team Coach



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Darren Cole

·         VIS Assistant Coach

·         GV Womens State Team Coach

·         GV Junior Girls State Coach



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Richard Cooney

·         Head Professional – Rosanna GC

·         Specialist Putting Coach

·         Former GV Mens State Team Coach



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David Capaldo

·         Head Professional – Peninsula Kingswood

·         Specialist Golf Coach

·         GV Junior Boys State Coach



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Stuart Leong

·         Co Founder – Shots to Hole

·         Specialist Putting Coach – Aimpoint

·         GA Technology Director



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Dr Noel Blundell

·         Sports Psychologist

·         Specialist in elite athlete performance

·         GA Consultant



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Ryan Lumsden

·         3d Specialist

·         Internationally renowned

·         GA Consultant


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Paul Skinner

·         Coach – Spring Valley Golf Club

·         Former Member of PGA Tour of Australasia

·         GA Consultant



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Darren Lay

·         Golf Physio with MGIC

·         Physical conditioning specialist

·         GA Consultant



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Luke Mackey

·         Golf Strength and Conditioning Specialist

·         VIS and GA service provider

·         Professional player consultant