Date: August 13, 2015
Author: Dean Kinney

High Performance Update

GA National Junior camp

Four of NSW’ best young athletes were invited by Golf Australia to attend the National Junior camp from the 7-10th August at Twin Waters on the Sunshine Coast.

Stefanie Hall, Jordan Garner, Jason Hong and Josh Armstrong joined 16 other elite juniors from around the country to learn from some of the best golf brains in the world for four days.

The athletes ranged from 13 to 16 years old and have been targeted as the future of Australian golf.

The four New South Welshmen took the opportunity with both arms, taking booklets of notes and discussing all their findings with National Coach in NSW, Dean Kinney.

The athletes were screened by many national coaches and service providers to assist in their development in becoming world class players and athletes.

Ryan Lumsden, of Q Golf, did 3D biomechanical analysis on each of them.

Stuart Leong, the inventor and owner of the statistics program Shots to Hole, went through the players statistics and targeted practice plans.

Noel Blundell went through concentration testing and Pre Shot routine with them.

Grant Field (Coach to Cameron Smith), did Aimpoint green reading skills with them.

Nick Randell upgraded their strength and conditioning programs as well as ran them through fitness sessions on the beach each morning. One Morning the group ran up Mount Coolum which was a great test of mental toughness for them all.

Josh Meyer, physiotherapist, screen their body for imbalances and prescribed corrective movement patterns.

Paul Skinner (caddy to Peter Fowler) and Rachel Hetherington did course mapping and on course skills with individuals

National Coaches Dean Kinney, Ritchie Smith, Marty Joyce, Gareth Jones and Tony Meyer did short game, Puttlab and putting skills, trackman skills and on course work with the athletes.

AND…. On top of all this, Matti Clements of Mental edge consulting lectured on Emotional Intelligence skills.

The parents of all the athletes were invited to a session with Noel and Matti on the parents role in Elite sport.

This holistic approach to development is one that Australia remains one of the leading nations in producing elite golfers well into the future.

Golf NSW is always on the look out for young talent and there are many development opportunities to test your skills.  For more information about how to get involved phone: 02 9505 9105 or email:

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