Date: June 08, 2017
Author: MyGolf

High prospects at Prospect Vale

PGA professional Bryce Gorham has improved and grown the Prospect Vale MyGolf program in the past 12 months, now engaging 25 junior golfers from an initial seven participants at the end of last year.

Since launching MyGolf mid-2016, Bryce has improved the program model to include mini games involving basic skills, introducing competition to encourage engagement and provide challenges.

As a result of these achievements, MyGolf are proud to announce Prospect Vale as the May centre of the month.

“The driving range is where we start the kids, covering basic skills such as grip, stance and posture on the range,” Bryce said.

Community engagement is the key at Prospect Vale, bringing families together with putting competitions each week between adults and juniors.

“To finish off I normally do a nearest to the hole putt on our top green, which has tremendous slopes, to see if the kids can beat the adults! I try to create a fun relaxed environment which consists of many high-fives and laughing,” Bryce said.

“For prizes we offer the world famous red frogs, which I give out at the end of each clinic. The kids talk about them at the start of each week!

“The Country Club Tasmania and Prospect Vale are hugely responsible for the development of the juniors that come through our centre. Their commitment to supporting junior development allows me to teach skills for a variety of age groups.”

“We now have two areas in our junior program. Sunday morning clinics focus on developing the kids into golfers, getting them to love golf and we then move them into our elite junior category.”

“With the support from both Country Club Tasmania and Prospect Vale Golf Club, I have the ability to coach one-on-one with the elite juniors once a week. This has given our club some very impressive results so far.”

As a result of the MyGolf program, Prospect Vale has had three boys join the junior state teams and a junior girl for the women’s team, with numerous boys and girls also involved in the development squads for the northern region.

“We also have had an incredible success rate of getting our juniors joining the club, as well as their parents,” Bryce said.

“MyGolf to me is a great way for us to market golf. In the past we have suffered because we didn’t have a united brand to be able to market to the parents and kids.”

“The ability to tailor a program that best suits your area and the kids enables complete success, and the chance to evolve at any stage.”

Bryce’s engagement with the local community at Prospect Vale is a fantastic example of bringing people together with the great game of golf.

Congratulations on your achievement of MyGolf centre of the month.

Keep up the great work, Bryce!

The MyGolf team