Date: October 20, 2007

Historical Quotes on the WATC

In the esteemed history of the World Amateur Team Championships, there have been many quotes that accurately summarise what the event means to the golfing world. Read on for a selection of the best quotes from some of the event&aposs most important and influential people. “Both officially and personally I am interested in the plan advanced by the USGA for an amateur team golf championship among nations. I visualise it, as you do, as a potent force for establishing good will and friendship between yet another segment of the populations of nations.” – U.S. President Dwight. D. Eisenhower to the Delegates, White House Rose Garden, May 2, 1958 “Resolved unanimously, that The World Amateur Golf Council expresses to President Eisenhower its most sincere appreciation of the honour he did the Delegates to the Council&aposs organization meeting in receiving them at the White House on May 2, 1958, and begs to assure the President that his cordial remarks will unfailingly provide the greatest encouragement to golfers throughout the world, &aposhot shots&apos and &aposduffers&apos alike.” – Delegates&apos resolution to U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, May 3, 1958 “You see, after a match the scratch fellow remembers one thing and tells all his friends for the rest of his life that he could have won that International match if he hadn&apost hit the ball into the water at the 16th. But the high-handicappers know darn well there is no use telling their families or their friends about their golf. So, they will tell more about St. Andrews and about the wonderful Scotch people and everybody they met there.” – U.S. President Dwight. D. Eisenhower to the Delegates, White House Rose Garden, May 2, 1958, encouraging the inclusion of high handicappers “We will necessarily have duffers on the squad” (Chen Yih, China) “We have no choice.” (Shun Nomura, Japan) “Our players perhaps will not be too good.” (Mervyn Simpson, Philippines) – Some Delegates voicing approval of U.S. President Eisenhower&aposs encouragement to include high handicappers, May, 1958 “In performing those important acts at Washington last month, the 39 gentlemen, representing 35 countries and every continent, made some even more important findings. They re-discovered the fundamental of unity of golfers devoted to common ideals. They saw therein a glimmering of the true unity that is intended for all humankind.” – USGA Executive Director and WAGC Secretary Joseph C. Dey, Jr., June, 1958 “I believe you should all feel great satisfaction in having taken a most constructive and far-reaching step in the promotion of cordial, friendly relations in the free world. Golf, being a game founded and thriving upon the virtues of courtesy, mutual respect, consideration and understanding, must be an ideal medium for bringing together the opposite corners of our free world.” – Robert T. Jones, Jr., a message delivered to the Delegates in Washington, D.C., May, 1958 “I think it is a wonderful thing and can&apost help but do a great deal of good. If I were 40 years younger, I would be working hard to be one of the team of four representing this country, and needless to say, I wish the venture every success.” – Francis Ouimet, 1958 “Such an important championship will bring together the best amateurs of the world and will undoubtedly foster friendship of the peoples in our troubled continents.” – Honorary Secretary of the Argentine Golf Association, Federico S. Terrero, 1958 “Thus, although some nations may seem to be moving farther apart in the political cosmos, golfers of all nations continue to draw closer together.” – Don Weiss, USGA Public Information Editor, April, 1964 “International play should make you a better golfer. But more than that, it should make you a better person.” – R.H. Sikes, 1964 U.S. Men&aposs Team Member, 1964 “I believe our representatives will be selected primarily on their ability adequately to represent our nation and secondly on their ability to play golf.” – USGA President and WAGC Joint Chairman John D. Ames, 1958 “Through good sportsmanship, good friendships formed on the golf course, through the days of play and through meeting so many different people of so many countries, you are bound to go back with a better understanding of all these people.” – U.S. President Dwight. D. Eisenhower to the Delegates, White House Rose Garden, May 2, 1958 “Had each of the gentlemen around the big table spoken in his native tongue there would have been a confused Babel of some 15 languages. As it was, they all spoke the language of Golf, and the fact that they used English as a common medium was secondary. They all spoke Golf, and they all were animated by the spirit of Golf. Thus it was that, in the brief space of a day and a half, they completely planned a new World Amateur Team Championship and formed The World Amateur Golf Council to conduct it.” – USGA Executive Director and WAGC Secretary Joseph C. Dey, Jr., June, 1958