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Hole 11

Men: 420m par-4
Women: 353m par-4 The most difficult hole on the course is this long two-shotter to a long narrow green that rises up from the fairway below and the second shot, especially when it s into the wind, is the most demanding on the course. The green is best approached from the left half of the fairway because some of the most difficult shots from the sand are found on the right of the green. As a consequence, many will miss the green on the left and whilst there isn t a bunker down there, all the shots must be played up the steep bank to the cup; the question that shots asks is whether to play it with a lofted wedge, a putter or an iron that will bounce the ball halfway up the bank. (Too much of the greens we see pro golf played on these days are surrounded by thick green grass and from that aberration, the only shot possible is a gouge with a lofted wedge.) The left side of the 11th green proves there is a much better way of testing the short game skills and imaginations of the best players. View other holes