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Hole 13

Men: 500m par-5
Women: 440m par-5 In its former incarnation this hole was regarded as an easy hole to make a four. The fairway bunkers were out of range from the tee presumably they were second-shot bunkers in the days of wooden shafts and the only complication was a green with a massive false front that made judgment, and shots from short of the green, especially difficult. The tee has gone back, adding almost 30 metres to the par-5 and the green is a deal more complicated with a number of different levels. Plus, it turns away into the right corner which favours a long, high fade or a Nick O Hern, Richard Green draw with the second shot. Downwind most will be hoping for birdies but if the wind is behind here the run to the clubhouse is especially difficult as Robert Allenby and Brett Ogle proved in the 1994 Open when they stumbled home from here like very nervous schoolboys. View other holes