Date: August 04, 2016
Author: Mike Clayton

Hole 15 – Royal Sydney Golf Club – Par 4

Like the previous hole the 15th asks a question that can only be answered with fine shots. The fairway is the narrowest on the whole course (at least it feels that way from the tee) which is a result of the hole squeezing into the strip of land between the 4th fairway to the right and the 13th to its left.

The green is also the narrowest on the course and the bunkers to the right side almost double as greenside bunkers with the short 3rd hole that comes from the other direction.

There are no fairway bunkers – there is no room to fit anything other than a narrow fairway- and the land is about as flat as one can imagine. This hole earns its credit from its difficulty and it comes at a perfect time in the round when it can easily upset the prospect of a good score.