Date: August 25, 2016
Author: Mike Clayton

Hole 5 – Royal Sydney Golf Club – Par 4

Here is another par four that whilst not a back-breaker is demanding of a pair of good shots.

The green is again at the highest point of the hole and after a not too difficult drive the approach is played up to a green that suggests it is wider than it is deep. A deep bunker guards the left front of the green and another sits right at the back of the green confronting those who have flown long with a difficult downhill bunker shot to a green falling away toward the front edge.

The hole is the last in a line of four playing from and when they play into the southerly the beginning of the course is one of the most difficult stretches. The promise is that if these opening holes are difficult there will be some reprieve coming home as four of the final five holes play back in the opposite direction to the clubhouse.