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Hole 9

Men: 328m par-4
Women: 316m par-4 One way to make a medium-length hole play longer than its yardage is to just cut the fairway off at a point that determines all players have to lay back from the tee with an iron. A sandy wispy section of rough cuts the hole into two separate fairways and a bunker well short of the green compliments the effect that takes the driver out of the hands of all players. The final hole of the front nine is a terrific hole, where the tee shot is best played to the right to avoid a confrontation with a pine through the fairway on the left that blocks a clear view of the pitch to the green. The green is long and relatively narrow, perfectly fitting into the narrow strip of land between the 7th and 10th tees, and it is easily missed with a marginal short-iron shot. View other holes