Date: January 28, 2016

Honour Roll: Men�s NSW Champion of Champions

Men’s NSW Champion of Champions

The NSW Champion of Champions will be played in conjunction with the first 36-holes of the NSW Medal. To be eligible to enter a player must be a Golf NSW affiliated Golf Club Champion the previous year leading up to the NSW Amateur Championship. Players who enter the Champion of Champions must indicate this and enter their details in the appropriate section of the entry form, otherwise they will not be included in the Champion of Champions event. In the event of a tie, joint winners will be declared. In the event that all entrants are unable to complete 36 holes on the first two days due to suspension of play, the Champion of Champions will be decided on the completed scores for one round.

2015 Blake Windred (The Australian Golf Club)
2014  Justin Warren (The Australian Golf Club)
2013  Harrison Endycott (Avondale Golf Club)
2012  Jordan Zunic (Bonnie Doon Golf CLub)
2011  David Morgan (Morisset)
2010  G Thomas (Moore Park)
2009  Alex Pitty (Wyong)
2008  S Arnold
2007  S Arnold
2006  D Calleija
2005  A McIntosh
2004  M Brown
2003  J Arnold
2002  J Fitzgerald
2001  R Lee
2000  J Hatchett
1999  P Hayhoe
1998  G Woolridge
1997  K MacDougal
1996  I Bradley
1995  M Miller
1994  J Ashcroft
1993  T Ostler, P Maslen & A Weekes
1992  P Maslen
1991  B Ellam
1990  G Coles
1989  G McKay
1988  M Rodger & M Turner
1986  A Gresham & P Pye
1985  B Lincoln
1984  R Slade
1983  J Wagner
1982  D Christey
1981  T Lamaro & C Hallam
1980  P Welshford
1979  R Boyd
1978  J Wilkinson
1977  P Foster
1976  A. Gresham
1975  B Baker
1974  K Donohoe, D Witham & B Scheiler
1973  C Kaye & R Hall
1972  A Gresham
1971  G Everett
1970  P Billings
1969  T Wood