Date: May 04, 2012

Huntingdale Head Winners at Women’s Metro Match Play

Huntingdale headed the winners as the 2012 season of the Women’s Metropolitan Match Play concluded in cool and ovecast conditions across Melbourne on Friday May 4th.

While Huntingdale took out Division 1, the other winners were Kingston Heath (Division 2); Spring Valley (Division 3); The Heritage (Division 4) and Northern (Division 5).

The respective teams relegated at the conclusion of the 2012 season were Heidelberg (Division 1); Long Island (Division 2); Centenary Park (Division 3) and Kingswood (Division 4).

Undefeated players during the 2012 season were: 

Division 1
Sue Ellery (Royal Melbourne)
Lyn Cullen (Commonwealth)
Young Sook Eddington (Huntingdale)
Brenda Cuthberston (Victoria)

Division 2
Ann Pullman (Kingston Heath) 

Division 3
Gwen Willmott (Sandhurst)
Daphne Georgoussis (Keysborough)

Division 4
Narelle Cook (Riversdale)
Brenda Dart (Riversdale)

The above players were awarded with undefeated player medallions while players in each winning team received a newly designed commemorative badge at each Division’s official presentation. 
For all results and final ladders from the 2012 season, please click here…>

The 2012 Champion Teams are all pictured below: –


Division 2 Champions – Kingston Heath

Division 3 Champions – Spring Valley

Division 4 Champions – The Heritage

Division 5 Champions – Northern