Date: December 09, 2016
Author: Golf Australia

Hypnotic edge for your putting

Many experts say 90 per cent of golf is mental.

Why, then, do most golfers only spend time practising their physical skills?

Would you like to improve your putting using the latest research methods and hypnosis?

Victoria University PhD researcher/lecturer Dung Tien Dao, "DJ" to his mates, is conducting a unique study into hypnosis and putting.

This is your chance to actively develop the mental side of your putting game by learning to relax mentally, to silence the voice of your inner critic and to learn to putt in an automatic pattern.

The program will include two hypnosis sessions, two putting sessions and a self-study MP3 file to which you'll listen at home.

“Opportunities like this are extremely limited and won’t cost you a thing, except for having fewer putts per round,” DJ said.

If you are interested in participating in the study and exploring more about the role of hypnosis in performance, please contact DJ via email at or via mobile on 0466 226 543.

DJ's website,, contains all the information on his professional background.