Date: June 06, 2016
Author: Golf Victoria

Improve Your Putting!

Would you like to gain insights into the way your mind and body works when you are playing golf?

Victoria University PhD researcher/ lecturer Dung Tien Dao (DJ) is conducting a study about hypnosis and golf putting. This is your big chance to actively develop the mental side of your putting game.

You will learn to relax mentally and to putt in an automatic pattern. You will experience how hypnosis can help you improve your golf game by allowing you to be fully focussed and absorbed in the golf game.

Opportunities like this are extremely limited and won’t cost you a thing, except for having fewer putts per round.

Criteria for participants:

–          Male or female golfers from 18 to 60 years old.

–          Handicap 20 or less

–          No prior experience with hypnosis


–          Attend 2 hypnosis sessions of 60 minutes each (can be arranged to suit your time)

–          Attend 2 sessions of scoring putt with 56 putts each time.

–          Willing to set aside 45 minutes for each of 7 days to listen to a hypnosis audio file

–          Answer 3 questionnaires related to the research

If you are interested in participating in the study and exploring more about the role of hypnosis in performance, please contact DJ on 0466 226543 or email him at