Date: May 15, 2015
Author: Mark Hayes

Insight into the modern coach

If you think golf coaching is just a few grip pointers and a pilates DVD, guess again.

Queensland and national coach Tony Meyer has documented his philosophies on athlete development, ranging from performance environment to self-awareness.

And while the model will work for coaches across all sports, it’s a fascinating insight into some of the thinking driving Golf Australia’s high performance department – and our athletes of the future.

Queensland-based national squad member Cory Crawford said Meyer’s structures were a critical part of his teachings at the Queensland Academy of Sport.

“Tony knows so much, not just about golf but also about what’s required to be a successful athlete generally,” Crawford, the world No.80 amateur, said today.

“It’s very structured, but it also takes into account all the different aspects of each individual athlete – it’s a great way to learn.”

If you want to know what helps drive our top young golfers, or just want to get a tip from a coach on the cutting edge, check out for a great insight.