Date: September 19, 2018

Introducing Lincoln Place

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Golf NSW is proud to announce Lincoln Place has joined its Club Support Service Team.

Lincoln Place are specialists in creating active retirement communities and offering to partner with Clubs to scope, design, construct and market a Village on your Club’s land.

Clubs will receive an agreed commission from each unit sale, and also have the option of securing management rights of the Village.

Clubs maintain ownership of their land.

Clubs do not make a financial contribution to the development cost of the Village.

New golf members, new social members, plus an ongoing revenue stream are amongst the many benefits from a partnership with Lincoln Place.

Clubs wanting additional information or to arrange a no obligation meeting can contact me as per the details below.

To see an example of Lincoln Place at work, click on the image below to read about the new development at Muree Golf Club, called Terrace Country Club.

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