Date: November 18, 2011
Author: Golf NSW Web Admin

Issues > Golf NSW

18/11/2011 12:34:01 – Dates or venue s don t come up on event page (we have to re-type doesn’t really make sense considering we ve already entered the information when we set the event up). Can this be set as part of the event page template (rather than re-type) – The box for the About needs to be bigger .hard to view all the text. – Can we fix the formatting so we don t have to do HTML ourselves please. – Online entry URL not working. This is required. – We require an Annual Events section at the top of our Calendar of Events for our year long events to sit in. – Require an option to search within our calendars. – Refer Men’sNSW Senior Championship alignment of Related Articles and Related Documents should be in line (for all events) – There is not enough space in the Winners box. I haven t been able to finish what I need to write in there have had to abbreviate. – When I add a new venue and put it s web address in, it doesn’t pop up when creating the event ie you have to re-enter the web address. – Spacing on the Upcoming Events box needs to be fixed. We can t abbreviate every event to fit in here so can it be amended please? – The Calendar of Events all need to be printable. At the moment they are not. Will need to be able to print full fixtures, plus the broken down eg Golf NSW, Pennants, etc.

RESOLVED 23/11/11: – 22/11/11 > Club Login > ISSUE: Unable to Login (have clicked “Login” and remains same); * McKelvie same issue