Date: March 18, 2016
Author: Dave Tease, Golf NSW

Jindera receive NSW Golf Foundation grant

Jindera Country Golf Club has received a grant from the NSW Golf Foundation to replace the carpet in their club house after it was severely damaged by storm water.

The grant will cover the cost of purchasing 60 square meters of carpet for the entire club house area.

The small club just outside of Albury has a membership of around 110 and survives with the help of volunteer labour. Like many clubs in similar circumstances, managing the cost of renewing its assets is a real challenge.

Committee Member Virginia Ebert is thrilled with the grant and the benefits she hopes her club will get from the new floor covering.

“When we hosted other clubs, the state of the club house carpet was a bit embarrassing because of the damage.”

“It’s going to make the place much more presentable and make us all a bit prouder of the place.”

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The club intends to run a volunteer working bee to rip up the old and damaged carpet. They are hoping to run a charity day shortly to raise the funds required to have the new carpet laid professionally.

“If it’s done properly it should be there for the next 20 years,” she added.

Despite its small stature, the club actively promotes the game and participates in the Riverina Pennant Competition. The club is determined to grow and promote the game.

“If folk can see that the club is going forward, we might be able to attract a few more people to come and join us.”

“We’re a little club out here and a lot of small clubs have fallen by the wayside. We’re determined not to go that way. We ran a really successful MyGolf Program last summer, we had about 30 kids participate.”

The club heard about the Foundation and the availability of grants through the Riverina Ladies Golf Association. The club applied for the grant in February and it was approved by the NSW Golf Foundation in early March.

“It is a very generous grant from the Foundation. You have no idea how much our club appreciates it,”  Mrs Ebert said.