Date: February 22, 2013
Author: Jack Newton Junior Golf

JNJG Help Teachers Spread the Word on Golf

JNJG aims to get as many young people involved in the game of golf as possible. JNJG Territory Managers utilise the MyGolf Schools Program to train teachers at schools throughout the state on the basics of golf instruction. This training can then be passed onto the students and hopefully generate plenty of interest in the game.

Last year a large number of teachers took part in the professional learning course – MyGolf Schools 1. They learned the basics of the golf grip, stance and swing as well as the very important safety aspects required when young people learn to play golf.

These training days are set up to learn the skills by having fun. Games such as “chip and catch”, “over the river” and “aussie rules golf” are great ways to keep kids focussed and develop their motor skills and co-ordination. Putting skills are learnt inside on a carpeted floor and games like “nearest the wall,” “under the bridge” and “into the hoop” teach the finer points of the game where the real scoring occurs.

One challenge is “the impossible putt.” The agility rings are used and the aim is to stop the golf ball in the groove on top of the ring. This can also be an excellent fundraising idea for school events. It is not impossible but very difficult for such a simple looking task. During the eight sessions held in Sydney North last year it was achieved four times out of about 800 attempts.

JNJG conducts teacher training days across the state so if you would like more information on the program click here or contact the JNJG Office on 02 9567 7736.

For more information on the MyGolf Schools program click here.


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