Date: June 18, 2013
Author: JNJG

JNJG Teacher Training in Full Swing

chers Trained Up


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The newest member of the JNJG team, Tanya Kirby, Sydney South and Illawarra Territory Manager has wasted no time in her new role. Not only has she made contact with numerous golf clubs and junior development offiicers in her territory to assist with club junior golf programs but she has also helped run two teacher professional learning days and trained 10 teachers to make golf part of their everyday curriculum.

With the help of Schools Coordinator Ross Abbott, Tanya ran a training day at Cronulla Public School on 27th May. Four teachers attended the day where they learnt the basic concepts of the full swing, chipping, putting, competition play and safety. All of the teachers had an enjoyable time and learnt a number of fun games to get the students enthusiastic about playing golf. On 30th May six teachers from Sydney's Eastern Suburbs gathered at the Eastlake Golf Club where they too learnt the fundamentals of the golf swing and various fun activities they could share with their students.

'I'm so glad the two days went really well. The weather was perfect and it was great to see the teachers having a good time out there hitting the balls. I got some really good feedback from them and cannot wait to run a few more days and get as many teachers trained up as possible,' Tanya said.

JNJG runs teacher training days across NSW. At the completion of the training the teachers are equipped with the skills and knowledge to run a golf program as part of their daily curriculum. The schools are able to purchase their own MyGolf kits which can be used to teach a class of approximately 30 kids. JNJG provide morning tea and lunch for the day and even pay the teacher relief for up to one teacher per school. If you would like to know more about the School Golf Program click here or contact JNJG on 02 9567 7736.

Getting as many children involved in the game of golf as possible is the focus for JNJG and enabling these teachers to make golf a regular part of their students education is a fantastic foundation for the children before they move into club junior programs.

For more information contact Jack Newton Junior Golf at

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