Date: November 07, 2014

Joining a club

Australia is fortunate to arguably have the best array of golf courses in the world.  In total there are approximately 1,500 golf clubs that all provide various membership opportunities.

The benefits of joining a golf club are extensive and include:

• Certainty of arranging a game at a given time
• Ability to freely access the course 
• Enjoying the social camaraderie
• Developing life-long friendships
• Playing in competitions or just for fun
• Achieving a sense of belonging and the opportunity to contribute to the Club and local community
• Contributing to a healthier Australian community

The following information is provided to assist the process of joining a golf club

What is the process of joining a club?

Normally the process to join a club involves being nominated by a current member and completing a membership application form.  In some cases the application may require a seconder and referees.

Once the application form is completed, it is taken to the Club Committee for approval.

Can I join a club if I do not know any members?

Most clubs now provide opportunities for prospective members to be introduced to members in order to facilitate the membership application process.

Is there a waiting period?

 In the majority of cases there is no waiting period for membership, but some clubs do have a small waiting period based on their current membership capacity.

Do I have to reach a certain standard of play to become a member? 

It is expected that any member would be able to play to the maximum handicap which is 36 for males and 45 for females. 

What costs are involved?

Clubs charge an annual subscription and in some cases an entrance fee, which vary according to the type of club.  There are also some other additional charges which include affiliation fees, insurance, competition fees and levies.

Are there payment options?

Most clubs provide flexible options to pay membership fees.

How often can I play?

Members enjoy unlimited playing rights according to their category of membership.

Are there different club membership options available?

Clubs offer various types of membership which include 5, 6, and 7 day in addition to junior, social, senior, family and under 40 categories.

What are the normal competition days?

Clubs offer competition times for males and females on weekends and week days.

Can members bring guests?

Clubs provide numerous opportunities for members to bring guests at certain times to play the course and attend social events.