Date: July 25, 2008

Josh Younger blog: Golf in the shadow of Niagara Falls

Josh Younger writes: This week we move up to the Porter Cup to be played at Niagara Falls Country Club, in Lewiston, New York. Last week Matt Griffin and I had a week off and went to visit New York City…what a place! This year is the 50th Porter Cup, with 11 Australians taking part. This is the highest number of Australians to play in any Porter Cup. The course is playing longer than in the past due to there having been a lot of rain in recent weeks, and the rough is very thick all over. We plan to get over and have a look at Niagara falls by going on the Maid of the Mist which takes us all the way up to the falls- amazing. With all the boys in good form we should have a winner, and it&aposs Matt Griffin&aposs birthday on Saturday so we are planning on going across the border (into Canada) to watch some ballet and have some drinks.