Date: February 22, 2015
Author: Golf Australia

Julieta Granada – Saturday transcript

Q: 70 today. You’ve got to feel pretty good about that?

A: “Yeah, it was a good round, very consistent just like yesterday. Although today, I had a little double on five, which was not welcome but overall I played very solid. I hit a lot of greens and when I hit it close, I made the putt.”

Q: To make five birdies today, you’ve got to feel good going into tomorrow?

A: “Yeah, I’ve just got to keep doing what I’m doing, keep playing my game and play the strategy. This course, you have to take what it gives you. You can’t really go after it so when you have those birdie chances, it’s key to make them.”

Q: What is it with you and this golf course? You seem to play well on links style courses, tied fifth at the British Open last year, what is it?

A: “I just like that we have to think our way through these courses. You really have to calculate the landings and the lines super good. It just fits my eye, I like the greens, they’re nice and quick and they break a lot so it plays to my strength.”

Q: Is short game even more important around here?

A: “Yeah, I feel like you have to get your chipping really solid just in case you start missing a few greens and that’s what I did. Early in the week, I practised a lot of chipping and long putts to get my speed down and after that you just have to go out and do it.”

Q: You’re three back heading into tomorrow. What’s the strategy?

A: “I just have to keep doing what I’m doing. If (the leaders) come back or if they go a little bit ahead of me, I just have to keep playing my game and keep playing the course like I know how to play this course. I just have to hit them solid and make the putts.”

Q: Knowing you were in that six-way playoff here in 2012, does this give you good thoughts heading into tomorrow?

A: “It’s nice to be back and playing well here. I love this course and it’s a treat for us to play it and everybody is so welcoming here at Royal Melbourne so I’m excited to see tomorrow.”