Date: November 25, 2016
Author: Golf Queensland

Junior Golf

is a great sport for young people as it is a healthy game that one can play for life. Apart from providing the gift of lifetime recreation, golf has special qualities that can have powerful and lasting impacts on young people’s self-image, personal development and confidence.

Young people engaging with golf will learn core values such as; honesty, integrity, self-respect, confidence, sportsmanship and consideration for others, all skills fundamental to self-growth and life.

Junior Golf Queensland (JGQ) has been established by Golf Queensland to provide the sport of junior golf with a more coordinated and structured approach to junior development and participation across the state.

By establishing a variety of key networks and providing them with relevant information regarding junior golf, JGQ is able to assist in the development and establishment of healthy vibrant junior programs across Queensland.

JGQ also offers junior golfers a unique opportunity to access and experience a variety of junior events, camps and so much more across Queensland.

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