Date: May 03, 2007

Junior golf update

Over the past two years, the junior golf industry has been providing input into the Australian Junior Golf Framework, a strategic plan for junior golf. The plan is entitled &aposVision 2018, The Future of Junior Golf in Australia.&apos During the Australian Junior Golf Forum at Moonah Links in February, the Australian Junior Golf Advisory Board (AJGAB) was formed and met for the first time. The board, comprising a junior golfer, representatives from each State, Golf Australia, the PGA and the Australian Sports Commission, will oversee the implementation of the plan&aposs strategies nationally The AJGAB, Chaired by Peter Van Wegen from the Jack Newton Junior Golf Foundation, met again recently to further develop the plan. The following vision and mission were identified for Australian Junior Golf. Vision: To be a leading nation in attracting, engaging and retaining junior golfers. Mission: To provide high quality golf experiences for young people which attract and engage juniors and provide an opportunity for development which results in increased participation in all forms of golf. The plan will be released by Golf Australia at the end of the April while the implementation of the strategies will begin in 2008. Click here to read more on Golf Australia&aposs junior initiatives.