Date: June 07, 2013
Author: JNJG

Juniors show promise at Talent Assessment Camp

The Sydney Academy of Sport in Narrabean hosted 32 emerging elite junior boy golfers earlier this week for the annual Talent Assessment Camp. The boys arrived from all parts of NSW on Sunday 2nd June for the four day camp. Four PGA members took part giving the participants specialised coaching to help them develop into elite players. The coaches included Bruce Burrows (Western Sydney Academy of Sport), Chris Hearn (South East Regional Academy of Sport), Bruce McLean (Western Region Academy of Sport) and Khan Pullen (JNJG).

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Over the course of the four days the boys underwent a technical assessment of their long game, short game and putting. The coaches had the opportunity to observe their course management as well a their mental and emotional control during play. The juniors also took part in practical and theoretical sessions related to physiotherapy, strength and conditioning, pre-shot routines, metal skill practices, career opportunites within the golf industry, practice routines and habits and recovery strategies. The attendees were also educated on the attitude and behaviours that are required to become and elite player.

The camp sessions were conducted by professionals who specialise in the development of elite golfers including Matt Green (physiotherapist), John Crampton (sports psychologist), Chris Smith (strength and conditioning coach) and Joshua Madden (PGA).

The juniors thoroughly enjoyed the camp and took away a great deal of imformation to help them develop their game. Central Coact Academy of Sport junior Jordie Garner particularly enjoyed the session on Careers in the golf industry and the physiotherapy session with Matt Green. "It's been fun, its been really good. I learned alot and hopefully I will get better and make smarter choices. I know the areas that need work now," Garner said.

Talented Sydney-sider Mitchell Gannon talked about the camp, " It was really good. I learnt a fair bit. I learnt how to prepare, train and recover. After this week I've worked out I have heaps of things I need to work on to improve."

St. Michael's junior Daniel Kolar also enjoyed the week and appreciates the advice he received. "It was really enjoyable. It showed me all the training and hard work that is needed. I am going to take away a lot of new ideas, I know there are a lot of different areas in golf that need to to be worked on. I can now see a pathway in golf and what I need to do," he said.

A special thanks must go to the coaches as well as JNJG Territory Manager Greg Watkinson for their help over the four days. Thanks must also go to the Sydney Academy of Sport and its staff for their continued support of the camp. Also thank you to the guest speakers for the week who really gave the juniors a better insight into their development.

The camp was an opportunity to assess potential palyers and from here some of the boys will be selected for future player development programs with JNJG that form part of the NSW High Performance Program. We hope that these juniors enjoyed their time at the camp and took away a lot of beneficial information for their development as an elite player.

For more information about the camp contact Jack Newton Junior Golf.

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