Date: January 01, 2017

Karrie Webb Series

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In 2019-2020 the following events form the Karrie Webb Series (in calendar order):

  • Queensland Stroke Play (26-28 August) Gailes GC & McLeod GC
  • Port Phillip Amateur (14-16 November) Kingston Heath GC & Commonwealth GC
  • The Dunes Medal (26-29 November) The Dunes GC
  • Australia Masters of the Amateurs (7-10 January) Royal Melbourne GC

This list will be updated as our events get confirmed. 

These are subject to change depending on professional events which can be added at any stage. 

Click here to view the 2019-2020 Karrie Webb Series standings

Specific details of the Karrie Webb Series are:

1. The KWS events are held across Australia – at least one in each state.
2. Minimum standards are established for conducting the events by Golf Australia (number of players, quality of golf course, scheduling dates).
3. Players are awarded points based on finishing position (forms a subset of the Golf Australia Order of Merit).
4. Points are weighted according to the quality of competition.
5. Players must compete in a minimum of six events from the KWS to qualify.
6. Total points are accumulated from the best six finishes regardless of the number of events contested.
7. The KWS will run annually and conclude each year in April. 

Karrie Webb Scholarship

The Karrie Webb Scholarship is a partnership between Golf Australia and Karrie Webb.

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Scholarship Holders

2019: Grace Kim (NSW) and Becky Kay (QLD)
2018: Grace Kim (NSW) and Becky Kay (QLD)
2017: Becky Kay (QLD) and Karis Davidson (Qld)
2016: Hannah Green (WA) and Karis Davidson (Qld)
2015: Hannah Green (WA) and Julienne Soo (VIC)
2014: Minjee Lee (WA) and Su Hyun Oh (VIC)
2013: Minjee Lee (WA) and Su Hyun Oh (VIC)
2012: Breanna Elliott (VIC) and Whitney Hillier (WA)
2011: Ashley Ona (QLD) and Jessica Speechley (WA)
2010: Stacey Keating (VIC) and Jessica Speechley (WA)
2009: Stacey Keating (VIC) and Julia Boland (NSW)
2008: Stephanie Na (SA) and Kristie Smith (WA)

The objectives of the Karrie Webb Scholarship are:

1. The promotion of women’s golf in Australia
2. Improve the quality of the development programs for elite Australian women golfers
3. Provide increased opportunities for international playing experiences for elite women athletes
4. Inspire young women golfers through direct association with Karrie Webb
5. Recognise Karrie Webb’s contribution to Australian golf by way of meaningful support for female golfers

Two Scholarships are awarded on the basis of the following criteria:

1. Performance in the Karrie Webb Series (see information below)

2. One Australian selected from the WAGR. 

3. Community work supported by the individual (either inside or outside of golf)

4. Performance as an ambassador for golf in Australia and overseas

5. Shows outstanding demeanour both on and off the golf course

6. Must be Australian citizens

The key aspects of the scholarships are:

1. Two scholarships to the value of $10,000 to be spent on international travel, playing experiences over the northern hemisphere summer and additional development opportunities (funded by Karrie Webb)
2. Mentoring support from Karrie Webb for the duration of the scholarship

Experiences enjoyed by past scholarship recipients:

1. Visit with Karrie Webb at an LPGA event
2. Train with Karrie Webb during this visit (if logistically possible)
3. Play a practice round with Karrie at nominated event

Scholarship recipients are selected by Karrie Webb following recommendations from national selectors in May each year following the completion of the KWS and before a northern hemisphere summer trip.

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