Date: February 19, 2015
Author: Golf Australia

Karrie Webb – Thursday transcript

Q: Karrie, good solid start, even par. How tough’s the course playing out there?

A: “It had firmed up a little bit today, even right from the start when we played this morning, they’re getting a little bit firmer each and every day and obviously as the weather warms up, it’s going to bake it out pretty good. I hung in there. It wasn’t the prettiest even par, a little up and down, but made a couple of birdies coming in to get back to even.”

Q: We know how much you love playing these sandbelt courses and last year you came from a long way behind to win at Victoria. If you’re in the mix coming into Sunday, anywhere in contention, you seem to thrive on these golf courses.

A: “Yeah I do. I enjoy the challenge of playing them. Well it’s not really similar to north Queensland golf where I grew up but I played a lot of courses down here when I was growing up as a teenager. It’s very traditional Australian golf I think when you come down here. There’s many ways to play the golf course and I think I like that, being able to be creative and have my own plan and stick to it.

Q: Are you happy with where your game is at, at this stage early in the season?

A: “Yeah pretty happy. Even after all these years, I haven’t really worked well on my patience. I want it now rather than in a few weeks time. My prep this week was really good so I’m actually starting to see it when I’m out on the golf course. I just need to see it when the gun goes off and just be a little bit more relaxed and trust things.