Date: June 16, 2007

Kate Combes’ British Amateur adventure

Well what a few long days it has been! As you may already know, in the first round of the British Amateur qualifying I had +4. Then in the second round I shot +6. So after two rounds of qualifying I was at +10, which at the end of the day got me into a sudden-death playoff for the last three spots in the match play of 64. There were 11 of us playing off for the three spots on Tuesday night and we started the first hole at 9:30pm! I made a solid par on the first which got me into the second playoff hole where there were seven of us remaining. It was becoming very dark by this stage but we finished out the hole anyway and again I made par. By then it was pitch black and there were just four of us left fighting for the three remaining spots. The LGU decided that we had to come back at 5:30am the next morning to continue play. So after only a few hour sleep, Clare Choi and I returned to the golf club where it was all over by the first hole. Two girls made par, I made bogey and the other girl made a double bogey, so after all that I was the 64th qualifier! About an hour later I played the number one qualifier, Carlotte Ciganda of Spain. I felt I played quite well in the conditions, but this girl was in another league as I was beaten 6/4. Clare caddied for me in cold, wet and windy conditions but we couldn&apost quite get over the line. After I had finished, Clare and I walked with Stacey Keating who was only just teeing off. It was pouring with rain, and Stace didn&apost have a caddy, so I couldn&apost help myself and caddied for her. I&aposm really glad I did in the end because she played so well and won 7/5 which put her into the top 32. She played again that afternoon, with another caddy that we worked hard to find! She played well but was unfortunately beaten on the 22nd hole. She was three down with three to play and fought her way back, but just couldn&apost get there. So after a long few days, Clare and I are hopefully going to be going to the golf club this afternoon to watch Emma in the quarter finals. She is playing in the morning, so we are keeping our fingers crossed for the last Aussie standing! Kate