Date: October 22, 2016
Author: Dave Tease

Ken and Jordan ready for Foursomes

It’s going to be a family affair when Ken McCabe and his grandson Jordan Cachia tee it up in the Golf NSW Foursomes Championship at Campbelltown Golf Club next month.

Ken, 63, is one very proud grandfather. He's tickled pink at the thought of playing alongside his 16-year-old grandson Jordan in one of the State’s most prestigious events on their home course.

“I’m going to get an absolute kick out of playing with him,” Mr McCabe said. “We played the club foursomes together earlier this year and finished in the middle of the field, so I was pretty happy with that.”

The pair is getting in a fair bit of practice before the event with a regular practice round on Tuesdays and a game in the club competition on Saturday.

“We play and practice together,” Ken said. “He’s become a regular in my group with my mates.”

Ken got Jordan interested in the sport about three years ago after he brought the 12-year-old down to a junior clinic at the club.

“Jordan went to a few coaching clinics with the boys in the pro shop and played in the nine-hole comp on Saturday mornings. He became a member as soon as he was old enough, and we’ve been playing together ever since,” Ken said with pride.

Ken’s mates think it’s neat to play with the 16-year old and he’s fitted in well around the club.

“When he first joined he was a typical, shy kid who kept his face down and wouldn’t say too much. Now, he walks in and everyone knows him. He talks to the other members, says hello to them and they talk golf.”

Jordan, who is in year ten at Thomas Reddall High School, is hopeful the game will provide him with an opportunity to get to study at a college in the United States in the future.

“I’m going to complete my HSC. I've been selected in the NCR Program, so hopefully I will go to college in the US to do small business management and get to play golf while I’m over there,” Jordan said. “Hopefully the path will keep going up.”

As for the upcoming foursomes date, Jordan is excited.

”I like the format. I prefer not to hit every shot; it’s a good partners game. Hopefully, we’ll show a few people up.

“I’ll be putting Pop in the middle of every fairway, for sure. He better get used to hitting two clubs less into every green,” he smiled.

Ken summed up what the opportunity to play together meant for both of them.

“He’s my grandson, and I look after him and guide him.

“I think playing with him in this event is going to be really, really special,”  Ken said with a sparkle in his eye.

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