Date: March 07, 2014
Author: Courtesy ClubsNSW

KENO Jackpots in Byron Bay

From: ClubsNSW, Club Life Magazine – March 2014 | Vol. 31 | No. 02 It sounds like a fairytale: A regular Saturday game of golf and a small win on Keno one minute, millionaire the next…a recent weekend golf game has transformed a golfer into a millionaire at the Byron Bay Golf Club! February saw great excitement at the Byron Bay Golf Club with self-employed mortgage broker and golfer Len winning a massive $1.4 million Keno jackpot! Len has been a member of the club for over 10 years and during the Saturday men&aposs golf competition, he&aposd won a small amount on Keno playing seven numbers. Following his golf game, Len decided to replay the ticket and hand-picked 10 new numbers. That ticket replay resulted in Len&aposs jackpot win! “I couldn&apost sleep a wink on Saturday night,” the winner said. “I probably got an hour. It&aposs just a big shock; you never expect to win something like that.” Len later said his wife was so excited that he thought she was going to faint, but had recovered sufficiently to mention a trip to the local jewellers. Byron Bay Golf Club Secretary Manager Peter Swaby said all the local newspapers have interviewed Len and that there has been a notable increase in 10-number Keno play since the big win. “Word of Len&aposs win has spread throughout the Byron Bay community and beyond. The exposure to our club in this way is priceless,” further revealed Swaby. “We&aposre about to embark on a gaming room renovation which will include a new TAB area and this win will certainly assist in promoting our new areas.” Keno State Sales Manager for Queensland and New South Wales Brian Laws said a venue will generally experience an increased interest in Keno when a customer wins big. “It&aposs always exciting when the big jackpots go off and with the local media coverage this win received, Byron Bay Golf Club is likely to see a spike in Keno sales,” explained Laws, adding that Len&aposs win in Byron Bay is the second big New South Wales Keno jackpot this year and 2014 is going to continue to be an exciting year for Keno. “Keno is now offering venues more on-ground support with clubs set to benefit from dedicated and Keno-focussed Business Development Managers,” continued Laws. “The change to the business development manager structure has had great feedback from venues so far. The change will help drive Keno growth for venues.” Laws further highlighted that his team aspires to create an optimal customer experience for Keno customers and is working closely with clubs to achieve this. “Our field services team has expanded alongside our Business Development team. As a team, we will continue to focus on ensuring the New South Wales Keno network receives the best support to drive Keno in venues.”