Date: December 09, 2012
Author: Golf Australia

Kim Felton interview, Sunday 9 December 2012

Thank you for joining us. Was it a war of attrition? That is definitely the hardest I have played in. The course does not have many trees on it. The ball can move at any time 60 metres. I was just trying to keep it on the green stuff all day. You are off the course now. What are your feelings? I am glad I am off the course. I played nicely and did what I had to do. Even par was a great score but I did not think I d be in the position I m in now with those guys through 10 holes. There are a few on three (under par) and they are bloody good players. Would you like to see it finish tonight? Definitely. It is not that much of a hassle coming back, but just to know where you re at and how you ve done for the week. I don t know what the weather is looking like for tomorrow if we were to come back. I am sure they will get the majority of the holes in today. I d like to know tonight and then have a cold beer. Question about fairness of the conditions. They have played good golf leading up to this. Everyone has had his breaks. It is supposed to blow 35 to 40 (kmh) tomorrow. We could see this again. I m happy I m done and the with the position I m in. At what stage did you start thinking you could win? I had a look at the 11th green, walking to the 12th tee. I think the guys were on five and four. The next two were straight down wind. Twelve yesterday I was hitting rescue in. Today I hit a half wedge. So you ve got your chances on 12 and 13. I thought if I could get one or two, that would be cool. I had another look at 15 green and I think it was threes and twos. I was hoping to make one more on the way in, on 17, which was the only one where I could go for the green. And I made a good up and down on the last. You have started working with Brad Hughes. Yes. I have known Hugo for a long time. He is one of Australia s greatest players. It just happened at the WA Open about six weeks ago. I was struggling to hit a certain kind of shot and Hugo came out for a walk around. We were going to catch up for a beer after the round and have a chat. I wanted to see what he thought of something. A lot of what he said and the reasons why I was not able to do what I was trying to do was back to the old feeling for me, when I was an amateur, and obviously had some great results with it. I got away from that. The stuff he does is not hard. It is more drill work to get the feeling and once you are on the course you forget about it, which I like. If I am thinking stuff, that is why I played crap for so long. I got caught up in the technique side of things. I m enjoying it. What was your best Australian Open? I think I was leading or joint leader at the Australian in 07 or 08. They I came home solidly for 58th.