Date: March 02, 2016
Author: Golf NSW

Kyogle GC � Keeping up to Standards

Kyogle Golf Club contacted the NSW Golf Foundation in 2015 after a Workplace Health and Safety Audit, seeking assistance with their “Workplace Safety Upgrade” project. 

With over 300 members and a healthy cadet program, ensuring the club was up to scratch with WHS standards was vital, especially when several of the members were also club volunteers. 

The club had a visit from the Golf NSW Club Support Program thanks to the work of the club's Board. 

With all the knowledge and requirements at hand, the only thing preventing the club in completing all the projects was funding.

“For the last 15 years, the club survived with the generous donation of time from many volunteers, " says Mary Garred, the Club Secretary.  "They maintain the course through mowing the fairways and the rough, by removing dead or damaged trees, installing drainage works, assisting behind the bar, and cleaning. The list goes on forever!”

By hosting fundraisers such as Saturday Night Meat Raffles, Trivia Nights and golf days, the club was able to raise funds towards the project, but it just wasn’t enough.

“The club is fortunate that we have an army of volunteers, retired tradesman and labourers who are willing to do the work, but we need help with the cost of materials to complete the project,” Ms Garred said.

With the help of the NSW Golf Foundation, Golf NSW, the Club Support Program and the Kyogle volunteers, the club was able to build a new depot to house fuel tanks, install a new emergency shower and eyewash facilities, and erect emergency signage in appropriate areas. All the work was completed by qualified volunteers and the club now meets the safety standards required. 

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