Date: February 02, 2018
Author: Alex Tigani

Lee, Quayle take charge



Australian No.1 Minjee Lee has claimed a comfortable lead midway through Day 2 of the Oates Vic Open finishing nine-under-par.

The 21-year-old, who won the tournament as an amateur back in 2014, leads her playing partner and 2015 winner Marianne Skarpnord (Norway) by three strokes.

Lee enters the weekend with confidence and is likely to hold off American Beth Allen (currently six-under-par) having not conceded a single bogey in 36 holes.



Meanwhile Anthony Quayle (Queensland) has been granted a temporary lead thanks to an impressive second round on the beach course.

At one stage this morning the 23-year-old held an 11-under-par lead before a double bogey on the sixth hole helped his opponents close the gap.

“You don’t want to let one bad mistake compound into more mistakes so today I feel like I stepped up from my dent and hit a good shot on the seventh,” Quayle explained.

“Making a mistake like that does seem to kill momentum but it is what it is and it’s going to happen.”

Victorian Peter Wilson was also able to conquer the second round to finish a single stroke behind the Queenslander.

Nevertheless Quayle’s preparation ahead of the weekend will remain through his own game as he aims to replicate his impressive second round eagle alongside his new mentor.

“I felt pretty comfortable because I’ve got Scott Bent on the bag this week and he helped heaps out there, it was good to have a professional on the bag,” Quayle said.

“I feel like I’ve had a few solid rounds in big events now and I just have to keep reiterating to myself that I can play well in really good fields.”

He said, “You take confidence each time you shoot from that sort of score and you can get that low throughout the round.”

Quayle found himself in a similar position following opening two rounds of last year’s Emirates Australian Open before finishing 19th overall.

And in the short space of two months he has been able to a few more another impressive milestones to commence his 2018 season.

“After a nice Australian Open I went up to Japan tour school and finished fourth in the finals.”

“Then I went to Bali and proposed to my girlfriend, it has been a pretty whirlwind couple of weeks.”

Later in the morning a final par round from Matias Sanchez would prove enough to hand the Victorian a lead on the amateur table with an overall score of five-under-par.

David Micheluzzi (Victoria) held an early lead before three late bogeys saw the 21-year-old finish a stroke behind Sanchez while Australians Jess Pickwick and Rebecca Kay are both in contention for the women’s amateur title.