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Level 2 Golf Coach Course

Golf Australia, in co-operation with Australian Ladies&apos Professional Golf developed the Level Two Coaching Course and is part of the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme. The course is aimed at Level 1 Golf Co-ordinators and members of the ALPG. The predominant market is an A-Grade golfer who is then most likely to coach &aposaverage&apos golfers. Two of the main target participant groups are females and personnel in rural areas. The following three aspects of the Level 2 Course must all be completed before an accreditation is awarded: 31 Hours Golf Specific Course 30 Hours General Principles of Coaching Course 60 Hours of Practical Coaching Experience (post the Golf Specific Course) Amateurs must hold a handicap of 12 or better and have been a Level One Golf Co-ordinator for a minimum of one year or be an ALPG member. Please contact Golf Australia for further information.