Date: April 06, 2017
Author: MyGolf

Links Kennedy Bay works wonders for junior golf

Aleisha Weidmann is taking MyGolf lessons to places they’ve never been.

The recently registered MyGolf centre at Links Kennedy Bay golf club south of Perth teed off with an impressive 23 registrations for Term 4 of 2016.

But, under Aleisha’s guidance, the program has already advanced to four programs this year to cater for a range of skill and age levels, providing the option to register for suns, stars, comets or flames sessions.

Aleisha carefully plans out each session, incorporating stretches and discussing the approaching activities before each lesson. This is generally followed by practice hitting with a 7-iron or woods, incorporating drinks breaks.

“The kids I coach are competitive, so we will always play a few little competitions. For short game lessons I set up different cones around the green of varying distances, provided with hula hoops and chalk markings,” Aleisha said.

“The kids move around to different chipping stations. After some hitting, we stop to play a fun little game such as dodge ball, tag, tunnel ball and more.”

All sessions finish with hitting time involving drills such as statues, consisting of the best finished swing position. Another activity, toe taps, involves tapping the right foot three times in the finished swing position to promote balance.

Aleisha makes sure that each participant has one-on-one coaching throughout each stage of the session.

Solely run by Aleisha, the program comprises smaller groups spread out over four sessions, with further programs now available for Term 2.

“The kids and I get along really well,” Aleisha said.

“I would like to thank the course for believing in us and allowing me to run MyGolf at Kennedy Bay. I have only been here for eight months and couldn’t be happier with the support from both the staff members and the parents.

“The parents have all said how amazing it is to see their kids improving so fast and they all have great fun. It is a wonderful feeling to see the kids improve and love the sport as much as I do!”

Aleisha’s enthusiasm and encouragement throughout each lesson is a fantastic example of promoting passion and fun for the juniors involved.

Well done on providing variety and ensuring a positive environment for kids to learn golf.

Keep up the fantastic work!