Date: June 01, 2018
Author: Golf NSW

Lucky golfers ready ride at Lane Cove

Golfers at Lane Cove Golf Club who use single seater transport now have somewhere to keep their wheels after the club recently built a storage shed with the assistance of a $2000 grant from the NSW Golf Foundation.

The shed is capable of storing up to eight single-seater carts, and already three members have taken advantage of the opportunity to securely store their ‘wheels’ on course.

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Until recently, the north shore based club had been unable to allow motorised carts on the course due to the terrain and limited paths available. A decision by the board approving the single-seat versions was welcomed by many of the clubs’ 140 or so members.

“It’s been a big hit,” Club Director Barry Watkin told Golf NSW. “It’s going to keep a lot of our aged members in the sport.”

Mr Watkin said he had already bought his cart and was in the process of cutting a few shots off his handicap. The cart had given him the freedom to play a lot more he added.

“Since I bought one, I’ve got my handicap down by four, and I can play at least three times a week now.

“They are calling me a burglar and threatening to let my tyres down now too,” he smiled.