Date: February 21, 2015
Author: Golf Australia

Lydia Ko – Saturday transcript

Lydia Ko


Q: You had many birdies and bogeys today. Do you feel you left some shots out there today?

A: “I wasn’t hitting it as close today. On the first nine holes, I was hitting greens but I left myself these slopey putts where I was like, ‘two putt is good here’. It’s tough when you know that you need to make birdies but you’re struggling to make pars. When I made a birdie, I kind of went on a streak of making a bogey and then vice versa but I finished one under par (today) and I think that’s good enough.”

Q: You’re still in the lead. What do you think you need to shoot tomorrow?

A: “I think that it’s getting tougher, the greens are getting firmer so I know that it’s going to be close to that two digit (under par) range. I know it’s going to be super hot tomorrow again so I think that’s going to wear me out a little bit. I’m just going to get my head focused and just, if I do hit a loose shot, I’m going to try and think of it and plan B.”

Q: You had a cough earlier in the week. Are you feeling better?

A: “It was much better. The last couple of holes, I was coughing a little bit more because I was getting a little bit tired but it’s progressing in the right way.”

Q: A few girls have said it feels like a major out there, like Pinehurst or an Open Championship course. Do you agree?

A: “Yeah I think so. It just shows how tough it is. It’s really not easy. You hit it on the green and you’ve got this humongous break. Today, my putt on seven, when I was doing my Aim Point, I used five fingers, which means five per cent and normally we don’t do that on other courses. Just to see how tough it is, it does kind of feel like a major. Holes like number seven, that par-three, it kind of feels like a links course, the way it’s set up. I think it’s tough in every aspect.”

Q: Did you say you may need to get double digits under par to win?

A: “Yeah I think so. There’s going to be some really tough pin positions tomorrow and I’m not really sure what the wind direction is going to do and with that, it’s going to change the course up a little bit. The first couple of holes today (the wind) played north-west, and today at the end, it played south and then it changed over. I think that in itself is quite difficult, because sometimes it’s guess work. I think a couple under par will be good and that’s going to be my goal.”

Q: Are these some of the more difficult greens you’ve played on?

A: “Yeah, they’re really hard. I’m scratching my head over a three-footer or a thirty-footer. It’s really tough and because (the hole) is so tight, the lip outs, they hurt. It’s not nice here. The greens are one of the hardest parts and because it is so firm, it affects the shots that are coming into the green also.”

Q: Have you played with Ariya Jutanugarn before?

A: “I don’t think we’ve played since we both turned pro. I see her around at the (David Leadbetter) Academy a lot and we see each other practise and we always say hello. I haven’t played that many professional tournament rounds with her but she’s such a sweet girl, we’re going to have lots of fun tomorrow.”

Q: What are her strengths?

A: “Her strength, she hits the ball a long way. It was raining one day at the academy and we were playing to a simulator course and I hit six-iron and she hit a nine-iron so that kind of makes a bit difference and her short game is great too and her scores are showing that.”

Q: You traditionally make a lot of birdies. Does it frustrate you when you have to make a lot of two-putts for par?

A: “A little bit. When you’re hitting greens, you go, ‘ok, I’m on the green, I should really be coming off with a birdie’. The other half of my mind is like, ‘ok, Lydia, be safe, make a two-putt’. It’s kind of frustrating but then I think you just need to calm down. There are some par-fives where you can get on for two and make your birdies there. On a course like this, unless you really get going on a putting streak, you’re not going to make seven, eight birdies and shoot the most incredible eight under. I think this course you really have to play smart and when you have those chances, try and grab it because birdies are hard to see.”

Q: If I offered you a 71 for tomorrow, would you take it?

A: “Yeah I would, in that heat, then I don’t have to play and get a 71.”

Q: What are your plans for tonight?

A: “I’m going to have a couple of putts, just get a good rhythm going and then I’m going to sleep really well with the air conditioner on. I don’t know how that’s going to help my cold but I’m just going to relax, have a cold shower and just try and cool down and be prepared for tomorrow.”

Q: The long birdie putt you holed on 12, is that the longest birdie putt you’ve made this week?

A: “Probably. That’s sad. It was about 30 feet. My eagle put was a little longer from the first day, but birdie wise, it’s probably the longest. I don’t do that many fist pumps and I did it there. That shows.”

Q: Does it surprise you that haven’t holed that many long ones?

A: “Some putts here, you think it’s in and it just misses and you just have to be careful with your mouth.”