Date: February 07, 2014
Author: Brett Robinson / AGCSA

Mackay cleans up after Cyclone Dylan

Mackay Golf Club superintendent and AGCSA member Michael Cornish has sent through some photos of the clean-up at his course following Cyclone Dylan last week. The first cyclone of the season, which made landfall about 170km north of Mackay near Bowen last Thursday evening/Friday morning, dumped around 150mm rain on the course and ripped up more than 20 mature trees. Thanks to the ground staff and around 80 volunteers who gave up their Saturday morning, the bulk of the trees were cut up and removed allowing the golf course to reopen Sunday, Cornish told The Cut. The greens and tees got through okay although both were pretty hairy as we were unable to mow due to safety reasons until Saturday morning. Fairways were cut today (Tuesday) and rough should be finished tomorrow barring any more rain. The bunkers got fairly well trashed and we are hoping to get them back into play in the next day or so.